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Welcome to eeek! Escape Room Glasgow. Located in the West End of Glasgow City, we are a leading Escape Room Game venue and first class entertainment company. Corporate events, friends and family are all welcome.


Escape Room Glasgow

We design and build our real escape room puzzles and props in-house, making our escape rooms unique and exclusive. Can you escape our mysterious rooms??

Find clues, solve puzzles, use your creative thinking and riddle-breaking brainpower, crack cyphers… Have a great time at our multiplayer escape rooms in Glasgow!

How do you handle being in a locked room?? Can you escape these mystery rooms?

eeek! Escape Rooms Glasgow

Visit our eeek! escape room in Glasgow and play any of our three exciting games. We promise to give you totally immersive entertainment. Solve our brain teasers in our live escape room games. We look forward to seeing your booking for our multi-player challenges. They make the perfect activity for groups of family and friends. Our location and games are a truly unique escape room experience in the heart of Glasgow.

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Magician’s Heist

Difficulty Rating: 3.5/5
2 – 8 Players

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The Ghost of Mary Queen of Scots

Difficulty Rating: 5/5
2 – 6 Players


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Stuck in the 90's

Difficulty Rating: 4/5
2 – 5 Players

The Escape Rooms Glasgow

Bring your team along to our escape room in Glasgow… See if you can find the crucial clue to help your team escape in less than 60 minutes. Our games masters are fun, intriguing and most of all know exactly how to get you fully immersed into the escape room reality! The ambience is made real from our expert decor, lighting and room scents to make the game more real. Book now to start your escape room adventure at Eeek!


Why Choose Our Glasgow Escape Room?

Our Eeek! escape room in Glasgow is a family-run business born out of a passion for entertainment and a creative flair for puzzles! With years of experience delivering exciting and fun immersive experiences through our storylines and unique escape games. We’ve welcomed thousands of players over the years and created fun memories for our players who have chosen to spend their time with us and solve our challenges to escape the rooms we’ve created. Eeek! is a Glasgow escape room with hundreds of great reviews from past players. We provide a unique escape room experience in Glasgow while offering memorable team building opportunities for families, friends or corporate events.

Glasgow Escape Room Pricing

Are you ready to escape the room? Our escape room game pricing varies depending on the number of players. The larger the group, the better the price we can offer you. Our Glasgow escape room games are fun and compelling immersive experiences for our players. Making them great for family days out, celebrations with friends or corporate team-building events. If you’d like to book an escape room experience for more than 8 players then please contact us for customised pricing and events packages.

Murder Mystery Escape

Love a Murder Mystery? Discover our new form of Dinner Entertainment!

We are excited to introduce Escape Dinners to Scotland. eeek! has taken the traditional Escape Room concept and transformed it into a tabletop game. This allows guests to experience all the excitement and fun of Escape Room puzzles, whilst enjoying a meal with family and friends. An Escape Dinner is a modern twist on the old classic parlour games and it is the perfect way to enjoy a dinner party with a difference. Guests are split into teams and challenged to solve a series of puzzles and clues hidden around their dinner table. It’s a friendly head-to-head competition and a race against time to win! We can locate this service to a place of your choice, from Glasgow City Centre or your hired haunted mansion in the Scottish Highlands.


Prices begin at £20 per person for your unique Escape Dinner Entertainment. 

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Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of a unique escape room experience with our eeek! gift vouchers. The perfect present for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions and more.

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Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page on our website for helpful information about our Eeek! Escape Room in Glasgow.

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Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions you may have about booking your escape room experience with us. Find our escape room in the West End of Glasgow.

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Escape Rooms in Glasgow

Whether you’re with us for date night, fun with friends, a birthday party, a family day out or corporate team building, Eeek! will give you an escape room experience to remember.

Don’t forget to ask us about our Escape Dinners!  You can book us exclusively to enhance your celebrations.

We can host:
Birthday Parties
Special Occasions
Private Dinner Parties
Corporate Team Building Events

Our escape rooms in Glasgow have been receiving rave reviews for years now. Check us out for a really great unique experience in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

Corporate Events & Team Building


Our Glasgow escape rooms make a great environment for team building days and corporate events. With various activities to choose from, our escape rooms are a unique way to bring your team together. Working to solve challenges and puzzles to escape a locked room within 60 minutes.

Colleagues will work together using logical thinking and observation skills as they collaborate on codes and puzzles. While experiencing the pressure of working to a tight deadline to plot their escape from the room with their teammates.

Your group will naturally become closer as a result of their efforts toward a common objective. This shared experience will not only strengthen your team, but it will also serve as a fun memory for years to come.