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About Us and Our Escape Rooms

Welcome to eeek! Escape Rooms, a family-run business born out of a passion for entertainment and a creative flair for puzzles! A little bit more about us…

Even our business name was inspired by our little family unit. When our daughter Evelien was born in 2015, one of our friends dubbed us as the ‘eeek’ family due to our initials Euan, Ellie, Evelien and Kiernan. The name has stuck with us ever since and when we decided to design Escape Games and officially be in the business of excitement, fun and suspense… there could really be no other name for our company!

We pride ourselves on the unique designs of our Escape Games, and the immersive storylines we develop together. Euan is the creative mind and is always ‘puzzling’ away in his workshop, whilst Ellie is the business brain and keeps everything ticking over. In fact, we’ve roped our entire family into this wonderful world of locks, keys and mystery, and benefit from their advice and help on a daily basis.

Whether you visit our premises to play one of our themed rooms, or we meet elsewhere with our mobile Escape Dinner games, you are sure to be well looked after by our dedicated team of Games Masters.

We look forward to locking you in soon….

Team eeek! x