Anyone can participate in an escape room game, but not everyone can do well in an escape room setting. When you’re out on a date, you want to make a good impression; the goal is to come off as funny, clever, and interesting to your date. You want to be able to sell all of your best characteristics. However, escape rooms are pressure cookers in which players either thrive or crumble under the pressure. Our Glasgow escape room is no different and we’ve seen many players compete during our time.

The professionals at Escape Games Canada thought they’d provide some tips to help you look like the all-star you are while also ensuring that your date wants to see you again in the future.

Make an informed decision when selecting a game.
First and foremost, escape rooms are intended to be enjoyed as a group activity, therefore you and your date will be required to participate alongside other people. Make certain that you properly select your group and the game that you will be playing. It is important that you do not bring buddies that are rowdy or disruptive to the event because you are attempting to impress someone. Also, stay away from know-it-alls since they will monopolise all of the puzzles and take away your opportunity to shine. Make a point of finding a fun couple to play with and turning it into a double date. The game you choose is also crucial; you want your date to be able to relax and enjoy themselves, so choose something you believe they would love. Identifying what kinds of movies they enjoy watching and selecting a game that falls within that genre is the most effective strategy.

Maintain your composure under pressure Escape rooms can become extremely hot. People have differing points of view; they disagree and sometimes quarrel about the most effective way to play the game. However, while you’re out on a date, the last thing you want is to get into a fight. With a cool and collected demeanour, you’ll be able to laugh off any disagreements and amaze your date with your ability to remain calm and collected. A problem may be frustrating or appear insurmountable in some instances; yet, it is crucial to maintain your composure even if everyone else is becoming frustrated with your efforts. Listening to everyone’s opinion and taking decisive action can help you lead your team to success. In the midst of adversity, bringing everyone together is guaranteed to gain the approval of everybody.

Leave your ego at the door and open your mind.
When you’re attempting to have a good time with your date, there isn’t any room for your ego. You should embrace the fact that you will sometimes be correct and other times you will be wrong before you begin playing your game. What matters is your demeanour and how you carry yourself. Prepare to swallow your pride in order to endorse the ideals of your date. The greater the number of problems you and your friends solve together, the more memorable the game will be. Escape rooms are a fantastic way to bring people together, but in order to do so, participants must be able to communicate well and work together without conflict. You are not required to have all of the correct answers or to know the most efficient approach to do a task. Accept the things that make you uncomfortable with elegance, and your date will be drooling over you.