Meet The Team

Meet our team. We look forward to welcoming you along to your escape room in Glasgow. Or supporting you to create your very own mobile escape event.

Our Team

We’d like to introduce you to our eeek! escape rooms team, based at our escape room in Glasgow. We’ll be there to assist you on the day of your visit as well as answer any questions you may have about booking. Meet the team behind our exciting escape rooms who can help you plan ahead for your mobile escape events.

Ellie eeek!

Ellie is one of the owners here at eeek! she’ll make sure you never miss a game and likes to keep the eeek gang in line (especially Euan)!

Euan eeek!

Euan is one of the owners here at eeek! and he always reassures the team when things go missing with his favourite phrase “it’s in the workshop somewhere.” He’s the man behind our unique and wonderful rooms.

Charlotte eeek!

Charlotte is the manager here at eeek! She is a super geek who beams enthusiasm and injects fun and excitement into every game but you may leave wondering why she didn’t say goodbye.

Graham eeek!

Our GM Graham studies Computer and Electronic Systems at the University of Strathclyde and he’s extremely good at keeping the eeek! gang calm with his favourite phrase “should be fine”

Zamira eeek!

Our GM Zamira joined us in 2022 and studies Musical Theatre at Hamilton Theatre Arts. If you think you’re hearing someone sing in the venue it’ll definitely be Zam 

Joe eeek!

Our GM Joe joined us in 2022 and studies Prop and Miniature making at the City of Glasgow College. If any of the team has a major break in a room he is always there to give a helping hand.

Amy eeek!

Our GM Amy joined us in 2022 and studies Computer Science at the University of Glasgow. Hailing from Bradford, Amy brings a bit of Yorkshire flair to the team, so don’t be surprised to hear encouraging phrases such as “Gowan Lass!” 

Richard eeek!

Richard is our puzzle guru! He’s the mastermind behind all the complicated room mechanics and 3D prints at eeek! But most importantly the proud creator of our magnificent vault.

Escape Room Game Pricing
Escape Dinners

Love a Murder Mystery? Discover our new form of Dinner Entertainment!

We are excited to introduce Escape Dinners to Scotland. eeek! has taken the traditional Escape Room concept and transformed it into a tabletop game. This allows guests to experience all the excitement and fun of Escape Room puzzles, whilst enjoying a meal with family and friends. An Escape Dinner is a modern twist on the old classic parlour games and it is the perfect way to enjoy a dinner party with a difference. Guests are split into teams and challenged to solve a series of puzzles and clues hidden around their dinner table. It’s a friendly head-to-head competition and a race against time to win! We can locate this service to a place of your choice, from Glasgow City Centre or your hired haunted mansion in the Scottish Highlands.


Prices begin at £20 per person for your unique Escape Dinner Entertainment.