Although I’ve been in the escape room industry for over three years, the most typical phrase I hear people use to describe what I do is: “You know, I’ve heard of these “escape rooms.” I haven’t done one yet because I’m too busy.” I always respond the same way.
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If you are not yet convinced about how fun an escape room adventure gets, read these five reasons to know more about what to expect from one of our escape rooms in Glasgow

Everyone will have fun in the escape room.

Throughout my career, I’ve dealt with a wide range of customers: first-timers, fanatics, managers planning a team building event, and students eager to take a break from their studies. But one thing is for sure; these players only want to have a great time away from reality. It’s no problem for us to switch gears from a children’s birthday party to a rowdy hen celebration. To summarise, escape rooms can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Keep in mind that you are never too old, too dumb, or too stupid to play in one of our rooms. Each of our customers is treated to a unique and delightful experience thanks to our dedicated staff of Games Masters.

Affordable adventure – Escape Game

We get you; the escape game could appear expensive. Because we price per person rather than per group, it can be a little intimidating, but it’s more reasonable than you might imagine. Aside from our 20 per cent discount for students and NHS and military personnel, we also offer several more special offers that you should check out. 

Pro tip: Only one member of your group needs a valid ID to receive the discount!

You can also book your escape room in advance. We will reserve your session, so you’d have more time to save and collect money from your group. Please send us an email immediately to have the best escape room experience!

Finding the time – Solving Puzzles

Even 60 minutes would be hard to find when you’re an adult, so how do we find the time? Work and life balance are undoubtedly challenging, but the good news is we’re open six days a week from 11 am to 10 pm (Closed Mondays). So you’ll be able to find a time that works for everyone, even if it takes a couple of months to plan!

Explore every adventure out there – Different Adventures

Being an adult can be scary and gloomy. You could never find the time and energy to have fun. However, you must realise that even adults deserve to rest and indulge in new experiences, and for you, the escape room challenge could be it. You would partake in challenging puzzles and different adventures! You’d indeed have fun. Come on now, get out of your office and add a little spice to your life.

escape room skulls and chains

No jumpscares, we swear!

While escape room owners thrive in the horror-themed room, we choose story immersion, and light-hearted fun over jump scares for our first-time escapees. When it comes to people with claustrophobia, we’ll do whatever it takes to make them feel at ease. The door can be left ajar, open, or even wide open. And if someone enters the room, we won’t be offended if they decide to go.

Are you interested in trying your first escape game? Give us an email, and we’ll show you how terrific and memorable the escape room experience is! Book now to experience our Glasgow escape room.