The phrase “suspension of disbelief” is one you may have come across before. When it comes to storytelling, it is loosely defined as a person’s readiness to disregard logical thought in order to appreciate a story. While watching a superhero movie, we can become emotionally immersed in the tale even if we are aware that all of the people and events taking place in the film are completely fictitious. This powerful skill is used to embrace and surrender to everything from novels to television series, and it is the vital element in a great escape room experience. Suspension of disbelief is required for the majority of escape room experiences, including our Glasgow escape room here at Eeek!

Suspend your disbelief for these reasons:
If you choose a good escape room, you will be guided through a simple story. You will be drawn into and become invested in a fantastic escape room if it has a compelling tale to tell. When you play a horror game, you should feel scared, and if the game is historical, you should believe that you have been transported back in time. Because you can’t feel immersed unless you suspend your disbelief, the objective of an escape room is to immerse yourself. Games are only as entertaining as solving puzzles at home if they do not provide complete immersion in the environment.

It is through immersion that escape rooms work.
It is necessary to suspend disbelief in order to have a fantastic escape room experience, and the game must assist you in doing so. All of the details, including the setting, the puzzles, and the narrative, should all work together to transport you out of your current reality and into the world of the game. You should be able to temporarily forget about the difficulties of your everyday life once you enter the building. Rather, the game’s reality should take over for the hour that you are engaged in the activity. Special effects, like as ambient sounds or fog, help to increase the authenticity of the experience. Creating the sense that you are transported to another dimension.

It is important to make informed decisions.
When you believe you have influence over a story, it is much easier to become engrossed in it. You are guaranteed to forget about your work deadlines or forthcoming responsibilities if you participate in an escape room that provides you with the illusion of agency. It is more probable that you will surrender if you feel as though you are crafting the plot; a good escape room will provide you with this opportunity. It’s important to feel like the centre of attention when you’re playing; you should have the impression that you’re in command of the game and influencing its direction and flow. It is possible to completely enhance your next escape room experience by exercising your initiative and suspending disbelief.

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