The Rightful Heir

We find ourselves amidst a brutal battle. Clans are fighting for the right to rule over Borthwick Castle and with that, the right to rule over all of Scotland. But this fight isn’t as simple as swinging swords and shooting arrows, it’s all about wits and strategy. Each clan is presented with a series of mind-bending puzzles which revolve around Borthwick Castle’s rich and intricate past. With the shot of a cannon, the battle begins! The first clan to open the treasure chest will reveal Borthwick Castle’s secrets and become The Rightful Heir.

This new eeek! Mobile Escape Game has been in the works for a very long time. Over this time it was designed, tweaked, and perfected by Euan who leaves no detail unchecked. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the premiere of the game had to be postponed. Some time has passed and we find ourselves in March 2023.


The event begins!

On Saturday 11th March 2023 the eeek! Events team set out on an adventure to the whimsical Borthwick Castle. We arrived to find the Great Hall set up with tartan decor, the fireplace blazing and staff waiting eagerly for the guests to arrive from their outdoor activities. The event brought to you by the escape rooms Glasgow Eeek team.



The preparations

Do you remember the feeling of walking into the living room to find presents next to the Christmas tree? We wish to create that feeling for our guests. So before everyone arrived, we set up the Escape Game for each team and positioned all our clues and props. We split the group into equal teams because this was most importantly a battle of clans.

The arrival

Our guests arrived in kilts and sashes, looking dapper for the occasion. After a welcome drink and some canapes, they found their seats and get ready for their entertainment.

The introduction

The briefing is one of the most crucial moments of an Escape Game dinner. The players learn about the story and objective of the game, but just as importantly it allows us to ensure everyone follows the safety standards to ensure our guests all have a good time. The briefing also sets the tone for the Game so it is incredibly important to get it right! Unfortunately, Euan knows exactly how to hype our guests and so on his mark, clans got to battle!


The game

As teams dive into puzzling, the eeek! team watches eagerly and makes sure everything is running smoothly. We look out for direct and indirect signs that teams might need some help, monitor what stage of the game they are at and keep track of everyone’s progress. We always give players time at the beginning to familiarise themselves with the game in front of them and get into the mindset of looking for clues, opening padlocks and solving intricate puzzles. Most importantly, we try to ensure that everyone is enjoying their time at the event, which often means adjusting our approach to individual groups. Some teams love to just dive right into their puzzles while others might need a slight nudge in the right direction every now and then. But! Remember never to play favourites and treat all teams equally.

The grand finale

With the first team announcing they’ve got the final answer, they take a deep breath and open the final treasure chest! With a roar of applause they are announced the winners and the rightful successors to the throne of Borthwick Castle. We congratulate them, take some team photos and try to have a quick but enthusiastic chat with the guests to get an idea about their experience. Feedback is always appreciated!



Have we caught your attention?

If the eeek! Mobile Escape Game experience sounds like something for you, don’t hesitate to get in contact and book us for your next event! At the moment we offer 2 games you can choose from. Since The Rightful Heir revolves specifically around Borthwick Castle, we currently only offer this game to events hosted at Borthwick Castle. However, our classic mobile Escape Game The Last Bottle is a crowd favourite. It is set in the 1920’s in the middle of prohibition and the objective is to be the first team to solve all puzzles and win the very last bottle of booze in the joint. The Last Bottle is suited for 20-60 guests and fits virtually any type of event. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information!